Friday, June 23, 2006

Can't Wait For Tomorrow is the laziest day in my life.Because???Today is FRIDAY, and tomorrow will be a holiday.And i will be going to attend a gathering organized by my lovely friends.I MISS THEM A LOT! Can't wait to see how they've been doing lately.
Hmmm..esok kul 10 kena kumpul kat summit.Apasal la x kumpul kat serdang je kan senang.Bila aku tanya abang aku,dia kata "abang nak ikut cakap semua orang,cam mana?"betul gak,sian abang aku kena pulak ngan aku ek.Minta maaf la sayang,mana tau you have to deal with them first.So as a result, follow je la.Jangan banyak soal,lagipun bukan aku drive.Lama gak aku tak turun PD.Agaknya ada apa2 perubahan tak?I need to stay away from this office environment for a the other words, i wanna runaway from stress!!! Soothing,warming beach..with a sound of the wind..tranquility waving at me right now..Hahahhahh..and can't wait to see him..hik!

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